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Vision Therapy Success Stories

When someone has an undiagnosed vision problem that interferes with reading and learning, they can experience some pretty dramatic improvement once the vision problem is corrected.  Please take a moment to read what some of our patients and their parents have to share about the changes they have seen thanks to optometric vision therapy:

Before therapy Kevin took a lot of time doing his homework. Now he takes less time and his comprehending is a lot better. He is reading more and he is getting 80 and 90 on his AR tests.  K. A., Child's Age 9

She has made progress in school and is more eager to do her homework. It does not take her as long. She is reading more and does not complain as much about it. In fact she is eager to get it done. Her handwriting has improved gratefully. I think this is a wonderful program she has some special needs that were taken into account. We are very pleased with the progress.    C. J., Child's  Age 10

Reading speed and comprehension greatly improved. Handwriting greatly improved. Behavior of school greatly improved. Ability to color in the line, mazes, dot to dots improved. Excellent Program! B. F., Child's Age 6

Her reading and writing has improved dramatically. Also her physical health has improved no more stomach aches or headaches. She is obviously less “stressed” she actually told her friend yesterday that her “books were not blurry anymore”!  J.W.  Age 6

Nathanael over all, is working quicker, is on task more often and for longer. He is reading more quickly and accurately and for longer periods of time in a sitting. He is enjoying reading for school and rarely complains of fatigue.   N. P. Age 9.5

Reversals are much less prevalent. She’s reading better and more confidently. Handwriting is so much better than before therapy. She’s also less stressed out when asked to write or copy. The therapy program is top-notch!   -J.Z. Age 8

The most obvious improvements have been in the areas of reading accuracy and reading comprehension. The areas not as readily observable by a “test” are his overall self-esteem and confidence. He no longer starts with “I can’t.” He will try to sound out new words or figures out new puzzles and ask for help after he gets stuck. He is now able to understand how all of the small steps (i.e. homework and practice) ultimately lead results.      S.W.  Age 10

She has grown by leaps and bounds! She has hit her stride in learning! She now can keep up in class and is getting the same great grades as her classmates. The confidence in reading and reading aloud has increased tremendously! She is a whole new kid. Happy and ready for all new things coming her way. E.M. Age 11

She has experienced a great deal of improvement in her reading ability due to therapy. She is also a lot more confident, and understands how to help herself “see better.” Her experience with Dr. Jenna and Ms. Kerri was extremely positive. She enjoyed both the sessions and the homework. As a mom, I encourage therapy since it allowed me to understand and help Bella in an effective way.   -I.Y. Age 5

I have particularly noticed a big difference in his visual-perceptual skills. Once overwhelmed with a puzzle or following directions to complete a Lego, he now enjoys these activities without nearly as much frustration. I think the program is great and I appreciate how Dr. Jenna and Kerri are able to achieve results by doing what works best for the individual child and not trying to fit them into a specific mold. They mold the activities to them while achieving results.                  - E.L. Age 6

She reads at a faster rate with comprehension. She volunteers to read in class now. She now enjoys looking at books too. Thank you so much! You changed her life. The most change was in the last month.

-E.M. Age 10

Vision Therapy was like a miracle to us. We went from seeing another doctor and thinking she was going to be blind, to Dr. Jenna where we have surpassed our expectations. She, within one year, has gone from 20/80 to 20/20 and not with this program, only needs her glasses to read. Her eyes don’t cross anymore and we owe it all to vision therapy. We will not take this for granted. We will keep progressing with vision therapy to make sure her relationship of her brain with her eyes is the best that it can be. We are “Believers!!!”      - A.S. Age 4

She struggled with reading and short term memory. After therapy, she is no longer embarrassed to read aloud in class. Her short term memory has enabled her to remember all instructions. She has started to apply special sounds into her reading (not just the clue word) which has helped with accuracy.

- J. F. Age 7

My son’s reading speed and accuracy has improved 110%. He now reads to understand the story, not just to say the words. Also his writing is fantastic compared to what it was before we began.  -H.F. Age 6

I have seen improvement in her reading/tracking skills-she rarely gets lost or omits words. I have also seen a big improvement in her handwriting and copying skills. She writes much neater and without any mistakes. - J. H. Age 8

He has more of a desire to read on his own, pick up a book or magazine to read. I also noticed he has started reading the video game prompts by himself too. He is also really trying to spell words on his own and being able to remember how to spell them. - E.T. Age 10

The most obvious is the fact that he not only reads better, but seems to truly enjoy it. His comprehension has improved and he is much more consistent. As a result of all these, I feel his self-esteem has been enhanced by his “success.”  - C.B. Age 8

His reading comprehension has increased. He no longer complains about his homework assignments because he gets them done in a reasonable amount of time. He is definitely more comfortable in school and his grades (5 A’s, 2 B’s) reflect that he understands more what is going on in his classes.  M.T. Age 12

He has shown a great amount of improvement in the area of confidence! He demonstrates this by the amount of effort I see him put towards his schoolwork as well as the fact that he will now work independently on assignments. He works at a pace that now helps him notice details in both his reading and writing. He is able to focus without frustration. This program has been fantastic. He has been able to “perform” his school activities with a new level of confidence. Thank you!   B.M. Age 15

His reading comprehension has improved. Additionally, his reading speed and accuracy have improved.

G.T. Age 13

The improvements have been really great for her. Now she can complete her homework alone. She has more confidence in herself. - T.R. Age 11

He no longer cries or avoids reading. He actually enjoys getting books. He doesn’t guess at words and tries to sound them out. He recognizes and writes all letters correctly. He was able to get up in front of classmates and read! He used to hide if reading was involved.  - C.W. Age 8